Anonymous Promotions: May 2011

Following on from our main March update on our new blogspace, we finally got round to confirming bands for Taunton’s Bristol Anarchist Bookfair benefit gig on May 5th. Stomping Swindon ska-punk Slagerij and our first Scottish punk-rock band Roughmute will be headlining, with Taunton’s favourite ska-punkers Po-lice and local acoustic soloist Dane Howells supporting. The day before, Bastard Squad Collective are doing the Bristol bookfair benefit with crack-rock-steady Thee Infidels from Germany, UK skacore militants Luvdump and Po-lice playing again.

Confirmed for July is a benefit for grassroots mutual aid and solidarity based organisation Green & Black Cross. We don’t usually get our organising hands politically dirty, but it’s worth pointing out that they are one of the few organisations directly defending and supporting all those arrested in London on March 26th, unlike the TUC and even UK Uncut. In response to all this nonsense, we’ll be raising funds for those facing charges featuring Cornwall’s thrash punk favourites Rash Decision and Ed Wood. Local bands include fresh thrash crust punks Sickpig (ex-Infirm and Po-lice) and farmer shoutin’ anarcho-punks Rat Bandits.

A sneak preview for September includes raising funds for JJ from the popular vegan-anarcho-punk band Active Slaughter, who was sentenced to 3 years in prison for his support of the SHAC campaign – an international grassroots movement targeting vivisection giants HLS. JJ was well-known by London punks, throughout the anarcho-punk movement and especially within animal rights circles. As part of a wider conspiracy he then acquired the charge of “conspiracy to interfere with contractual relationships so as to harm animal research organisation” under SOCPA Section 145. AKA: for ‘illegally protesting’ against laboratory suppliers. In the meantime please consider purchasing the new benefit cd ‘prisoner of war’ to support him.

Last but not least, the Taunton Two need solidarity and support! They were unjustly arrested and charged for squatting a derelict building, where they intended to create to social centre for the community. The case has an indirect impact on the South-West Anarcho-Punk scene, with one of our members coming under attack. This could be a potential threat on our collective and even the increasing Anarcho-Punk movement itself, as well as setting a precedent prior to the upcoming squatting ban.

United we stand – divided we fall!

About Taunton Activist Collective

Non-hierachal and anti-authoritarian activist collective Please note - TAC is currently in hibernation (02.09.11)
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3 Responses to Anonymous Promotions: May 2011

  1. Please note: The Green & Black Crosss benefit has been cancelled as The Winchester Arms is no longer doing live music, so we have been forced to cancel the show as no other suitable venue is available for the 7th July. – Anonymous Promotions

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