Taunton Vegan Fayre Attracts Hundreds of Visitors

Only a year after the first innovation of Taunton Vegans (originally set up after the success of a Vegan Food Fayre in 2010) the group managed to bring festivity, open-minds and positive awareness to their hometown, by hosting their own Vegan Fayre this spring (see pictures). On the 14th May, members of the community were invited to a day of live music, entertainment, and of course delicious vegan food, at North Street Church Hall.

Greeted by friendly cows and enthusiastic leafletters, the fayre attracted the attention of the public towards an alternative, cruelty-free lifestyle; stalls such as Bristol Animal Rights Collective (BARC) and Hunt Saboteurs Association (HSA) provided information regarding animal welfare, and impressive cooking demos from Viva! had everybody watering at the mouth.

Anonymous Promotions brought us unplugged acoustic acts: Some Sort of Threat and Taunton’s Jake Van Perlo, also with spontaneous poetry performances from Old Hat Promotion’s ‘Noah Spits’ and other willing poets from the area engaging the audience into the captivated spirit.

The day catered to those of all ages and interests; Food for Life promoting health and well-being, Starchild facepainting bringing creativity and artistic talent to the event, and the vegan tombola ready to give away their quality prizes!

A great day was had by those who attended, and also those who organised, with positive vibes and a greater sense of communion being achieved throughout the diverse activities.

The Fayre was sponsored by Animal Aid and Veg Fund received donations from Booja Booja, Holland & Barret, Beanies Health Foods, Bute Island, Goody Good Stuff and Rude Health, without which the day wouldnt have been the great success it was!

Taunton Vegans hold a monthly social at Mambos at 7pm of the second Wednesday of each month, and are always happy to welcome new faces!


About Taunton Activist Collective

Non-hierachal and anti-authoritarian activist collective Please note - TAC is currently in hibernation (02.09.11)
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