Anonymous Distribution Launched & Zine Coming Soon!

New distribution launched from Anonymous Promotions featuring Somerset anarcho-punk releases, as well as a new radical documentary End:Civ. It will be available at punk shows and other events, so ask around if you’re interested!

Additionally a new Somerset Punk Zine is coming soon from Anonymous and other contributors, so far featuring; Cut Cameron Festival, Taunton activist news, JJ’s imprisonment, CD and gig reviews, interviews with Sickpig, 51st State, Rage Taunton and more; news from Bristol, Taunton Vegans, Stop Hinkley campaign, Somerset punk uprising and history, repression over mini-UKTek, Vivary Green Wedge campaign, artwork, poetry + much more.

It will be released in August 2011, with a benefit and release gig on the 18th.


About Taunton Activist Collective

Non-hierachal and anti-authoritarian activist collective Please note - TAC is currently in hibernation (02.09.11)
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